Dwyer An24-2, An2 Indicating Alarm Annunciator

Dwyer An24-2, An2 Indicating Alarm Annunciator

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Dwyer, AN24-2, Series AN2 Indicating Alarm Annunciator, Four Input, with 12 to 36 VDC Power Supply Integral Power Supply The Series AN2 Indicating Alarm Annunciator provides visible and audible alarms

Approvals UL Listed-Programmable Controllers-US CE Approval

Audible alarm conditions can be acknowledged, reset, or silenced either via the front panel push buttons or the rear terminal block

The Integral 24 VDC power supply can power most level, temperature, pressure, and flow switches

The Series AN2 can be set to any common ISA sequences including First-Out

The annunciator also has two SPDT relay outputs that can be used to initiate external alarms, buzzers, or paging devices