Viokase V -12 Oz Powder For Pets

Viokase V -12 Oz Powder For Pets

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Dosage and Administration: The VIOKASE-V tablets are administered before each meal.VIOKASE-V powder is added to moistened dog food canned or dry.Thorough mixing is necessary to bring the enzymes into close contact with the food particles

Allow to sit at room temperature for 15-20 minutes before feeding, this appears to enhance the digestive process

Cats frac12-1 tablet or frac14- frac34 teaspoonful 2.8 g/teaspoonful with each meal

Do not administer the drug in animals are allergic to pork proteins

Frequent feeding, at least 3 times daily, is important

In cases of chronic insufficiency, the dosage should be increased until desired results are obtained Precautions Stop using the medicine in animals that show symptoms of hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug

NOTE No one regimen will be successful for every patient

Serious side effects come only with high doses

Side Effects Viokase-V causes only partial side effects

The above dosage should be adjusted according to the severity of the pancreatic exocrine deficiency and weight of the animal

The prominent side effects of Viokase-V include diarrhea, weight loss, and increased appetite

USUAL DOSAGE Dogs 2-3 tablets or frac34-1 teaspoonful 2.8 g/teaspoonful with each meal

VioKase V -12 oz powder.