Wilmad-Labglass 513-7Pp-9Qtz-5, Precision Quartz Nmr Sample Tube 9

Wilmad-Labglass 513-7Pp-9Qtz-5, Precision Quartz Nmr Sample Tube 9"

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Wilmad-LabGlass, 513-7PP-9QTZ-5, 10 mm Thin Wall Precision Quartz NMR Sample Tube 9" L, 400MHz Features: Extremely low thermal expansion rate and high tensile strength

2 times less dielectric constant than Pyrex reg glass which helps improve the quality factor

Economy tube is recommended for 1D low field experiments

Naturally occurring quartz maintains over 85 transmission rate 10 mm thickness, with consideration of reflection loss above 265 nm 1.2 , which makes quartz tubes preferable in photochemistry studies

Not recommended for EPR studies

Note 1 Impact on shimming quality varies upon magnetic field strength

Note 2 Sample volume reproducibility refers to the maximum volume fluctuation when filling different NMR tubes to the same sample height

Possesses a low Boron density as below 0.1 ppm, which guarantees a clean background in Boron-11 NMR studies

This feature makes quartz tubes 14 times more robust during cooling/heating process than corresponding Precision glass tubes

This number correlates to the reproducibility of time domain signal amplitude between different runs.