Brecknell H9C-N10-150K, H9C Shear Beam Load Cell

Brecknell H9C-N10-150K, H9C Shear Beam Load Cell

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Brecknell, H9C-N10-150K, H9C 150K Alloy Dual Shear Beam Load Cell Features Capacity: 150000lb High accuracy Alloy steel construction Easy installation and reliable performance Low profile PTB Approval No.: D09-07.07 NTEP Cert

No. CC07-018A1 H9C load cells are available in the capacities 5Klb 250Klb Alloy steel construction, potted by adhesive inside, oil proof, waterproof, anti-corrosive gas and medium sized making it suitable for all kinds of environments Dual shear beam, suitable for electronic truck scales, automobile testing facilities, track scales, tank scales and other electronic weighing devices